Hotel EK – No. 21 / 2013

Volume 5, Year 6, No. 21
“INTERIORISMO” [Interior Design] Págs. 38 – 39 – 40 – 41

City-Hotel Concept

The design concept for this hotel was inspired on the city, seeking to generate an urban thematic with a defined identity that may provide visitors with a sense of remembrance, always maintaining a sense of timelessness, so as to maintain the currency of its image.

Visitors may become familiar with Colombia through over 360 photos, by Stephan Riedel, which are displayed in different areas of the hotel. Along the corridors of the standard floors, the accesses to the rooms were framed in a welcoming fashion, so as to break with the longitudinal monotony. The photos are enhanced and highlighted with black, reflecting Barrisol and through a change in the carpet’s color. Throughout the other the spaces, images play a complementary role, blending with the other materials and elements.

Signalization is unconventional. The room numbers are not on doors, but in light niches on the walls. Another differentiating element along the corridors is the treatment of finishes, by which the room doors at each end of the corridor are concealed by a geometric play of volumes and wooden veneer plates.

The rooms strike for their innovative design, where the convenience areas such as the bathroom and closet are seamlessly integrated all while keeping their specificity. The effective use of natural light is a constant at all times and it is taken advantage of by installing reflecting materials that infuse the space with a contemporary, yet not excessive, brightness. The decorative elements were all exclusively designed for the hotel seeking to obtain a perfect harmony.

For the main lobby, the aim was to integrate reception, hall, bar, and dining lounge with the circulation areas, thus generating the sense of being in one, same, large space, inviting customers to engage in different work or leisure activities, whether collectively or individually.

The chromatic treatment and the material specifications were handled carefully in order to create different atmospheres and sensations. Predominant natural tones that instill tranquility and a sense of amplitude are balanced with the color accents of furniture, wallpapers, and glass, according to each space. Overall, there is a balance between warm and cold materials.

This project is the result of the excellent coordination work of the teams that were involved from the outset in its design and construction and the client’s noteworthy respect and acceptance of the ideas and proposals presented.

Data Sheet

  • Name of Project: Hotel EK.Location Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Photography: Andrés Valbuena
  • Construction: ARPRO S.A
  • Completion: 2013
  • Urban Plaza Managers: Diego Lobo-Guerrero – Jorge Hoyos
  • Architects: Camilo Esguerra
  • Interior Design: Rodrigo Samper
  • Interior Design Collaborators: Liz Rey, Olga Fiscó , Alexandra Rozo
  • Bioclimatic Design: Jorge Ramírez
  • Acoustic Design: Daniel Duplat
  • Structural Design: Rodrigo Cortés
  • Lighting Design: Carmenza Henao
  • Electrical Design: Julio César García
  • Hydraulic Design: Leonardo Castro (Castro Uribe)
  • Energy Design: Tomas Uribe
  • Mechanical Ventilation Design: Álvaro Tapias
  • Structured Wiring Desi: José Antonio Marín
  • Flooring: Alfonso Uribe
  • Interior Photo: Stephan Riedel
  • Project Manager: Claudia Samper
  • Construction Manage: Agustín Bolívar
  • Worksite Directo: José Tamayo
  • Resident Architects: Jairo Reyes – Darío Chaparro – Lisseth Enciso Huayek
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