Iluminar + Redes Magazine – Nº 16 / 2014

Clínica del Country – Emergency Ward

The renovation of these facilities included the implementation of and efficient lighting system, aiming at improving both the patients’ comfort and wellbeing and the medical staff’s functionality.

After conducting a review of renowned health centers in the United States, the architectural design firm in charge of the refurbishing works, Rodrigo Samper & Cía., presented a space concept, focused on the users’ health and wellbeing, that involved lighting, modulation, standardization, and the flexibility of every area, with the purpose of creating an environment that would provide patients with spaces that instill a sense of comfort during their stay.

The use of novel materials, colors, and textures resulted in the creation of a contemporary, timeless style that breaks away from stereotypical hospital designs, still conceived as cold and unfriendly toward users. This, along with the strict compliance with clinic space regulations, was the most important challenge.

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