Habitar Magazine – No. 274 / 2015

A Faculty with History

The conversion of a heritage building located in the center of Bogota gave way to a balanced mixture of classical architecture and contemporary interiors.

The University, the Faculty, and the Club are symbols of tradition in Bogota. The transformation of this memorial social and political center into a center of law and investigation was based on the universities slogan: “Always old, always new.” The main idea of the team in charge of the building’s renovation, directed by Rodrigo Samper and Alexandra Rozo, was to imprint a contemporary personality to a construction featuring Neo-classical and Victorian styles by means of a bold interior design that would not substantially alter the original building. Ultimately, the design respects the pre-existing architecture, framing and enhancing it by means of the proposed furniture, lighting, and colors.

Text by Ana María Álvarez for Revista Habitar
Photos by Andrés Valbuena and Luis Fernando Ramos for Revista Habitar

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