Habitar Magazine – No. 281 / 2016

An Organic Intervention

The renovation of the Puerto Peñalisa Social Club maintains its original structure and integrates its guadua bamboo roof with a new open architectural construction that is surrounded by nature.

The team’s proposal consisted in integrating the spectacular roof with a new intervention, so as to give a human scale to this large space. Involving the surrounding nature without detriment to its leading role, the construction work was adapted to the structure by means of organic shapes that complement the original concrete beams and columns, and incorporated materials in tonalities and finishes that harmonize with the bamboo design.

By opening the structure onto the landscape, the intervention blurs the borders between the interior and the exterior.

The designs of the furniture fabrics, the tiles and lamps provide color and a sense of coolness.

From the reception area on, the curved, limestone-plated [piedra muñeca] brick walls increase in height as if “large tree roots were wrapping around the construction,” explains Samper. The use of this resource, which indicates the path toward the different areas of the building, renders a sense of continuity and awards personality to the renovation.

Text by Soraya Yahmure for Revista Habitar
Photos by Andrés Valbuena for Revista Habitar

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