Habitar Magazine – No. 278 / 2016

The Art of Mixology

Rodrigo’s style is eclectic, elegant, timeless, and “very lively”, with no fear of color. His education as an industrial designer and his initial architectural training allow him to understand the requirements of space, the function of furniture, the role of lighting. This understanding is the basis of the difference in decoration: “Interior design is spatial and integrated; decoration involves knowing where to place things and how to combine them; the last stage of the process,” states Rodrigo. “To combine is one of a designer’s qualities, to rescue vintage pieces, whether Louis XVI o rustic, and to know how to mix them with others. Mixing is the key.”

In his home, besides objects and furniture he has brought from his trips (to travel is another passion of his), there are two constant presences: art and his family. His family materializes through inherited furniture, paintings associated with each one of his children, and through photos of his wife and his two grandchildren; through anecdotes that stem out from each object, finally outlining an endearing aspect of the family man that he is. “I believe,” says Rodrigo, “that in life one has to be passionate about what one does, and in my case, I am passionate about every project: its architecture, the space, the furniture, the color, the fabrics. I am passionate about interior design, but also, passionate about life.”

Text by Zandra Quintero Ovalle for Revista Habitar
Photos by André Klotz y Federico Puyo for Revista Habitar

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