Spa – El Nogal Club – No. 13 / 2012

Spa – El Nogal Club

In 2007, the El Nogal Corporation launched a tender process for the interior design of five areas in their new building seeking to expand their services. Rodrigo Samper & Cía. was the firm selected for the design of three of these spaces: the beauty salon, the spa, and the young people area.

The Spa is a 600m2 area that displays an attractive, intimate, and modern style that maintains the concepts of elegance and timeless sobriety throughout the interior design.

The space is defined by transparencies, light, and water. The tour over surfaces that float on water provide a sense of levitation all while encountering, along the way, transparent screens, both solid and liquid, that invite to relaxation.

The design evokes balance and harmony. The simple shapes, the order in spaces, the simplicity of the materials, and the indirect light accentuate the different areas, awakening the senses during the tour around textures, ethereal colors, sounds, and the constant movement of the water.

Text by Rodrigo Samper and Alexandra Rozo for Revista Exkema
Photos by Andrés Valbuena for Revista Exkema.

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