Clínica del Country – No. 30 / 2015

Interior Design – Clínica del Country

The refurbishment and interior design of the area of this important institution were conceived taking into account the comfort and tranquility of its patients.

The first task the firm Rodrigo Samper y Cía. was assigned was the renovation and interior design of the adult emergency ward zone, which is located on Carrera 16.

The project’s main goal was, besides that of meeting the clinic’s expectations, to make both patients and accompanying persons comfortable and relaxed in the emergency ward area, a place that should be soothing and calm. To achieve this, the design included elements with images of nature and lively colors (blue being predominant) and the thorough and careful work on lighting, modulation, standardization, and space flexibility. The space concept was sought of bearing in mind the health and wellbeing of users, rendering an overall dynamic appearance and generating areas of permanence and comfort while also creating a new trend and experience in the field of hospital design.

Text by Gina Salamanca for Revista Exkema
Photos courtesy of Rodrigo Samper & Cía.

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