Carlos Nieto Sartorial – No. 24 / 2014

Volume , Year 7, No. 24
“INTERIORISMO” Interior Design pp. 42-43

Sartorial: “A Customer’s Sanctuary”.

Elegant fashion style/elegant space style: this is the concept of Carlos Nieto’s new store, which is specialized in the design of highly specified, tailored, custom-made menswear.

The store reflects its brand’s philosophy: its interior design is modern, elegant, and sophisticated, providing a space with which customers may fully identify.

The intent was to integrate the interior space, from the entrance to the back garden – which duplicates the area by means of mirrors – so as to provide the space with a sense of amplitude that, on sunny days, may allow for customers to have a glass of champagne while selecting their garments.

The trademark makes itself present throughout the space well beyond the conventional notion of brand and is emphasized on the details that are engraved on the stainless steel handles of the movable furniture where catalogues are stored and which are adapted to the space for the customer’s convenience.

The mixture of materials: color bronze glass, Wenque wood, details in stainless steel, and woven steel wires provide the space with warmth and sophistication. The walls are covered in two types of imported wallpaper, filling the store with texture, color, and a special glitter due to the lighting system. “The language of materials is unified while also playing with their contrasting effects.”

Due to local conditions and to the limited headroom, the lighting design included a transparent fabric (Tensoflex) so as to create a daylight effect and the sense of being in an open space. Lighting was treated by installing warm and cold led lights, with the purpose of obtaining a better perception of the colors and textures of the fabrics displayed and to maintain a comfortable room temperature.
The furniture was exclusively designed, with a specific place for every garment and accessory, due to its important relation to the suit. Customers visiting this store have an exquisite taste and the interior design conveys exclusivity through each and every space and detail.


  • Official Name of Project: Sartorial – Carlos Nieto
  • Location: Av. 19 No. 108 – 30
  • Use: Commercial store / Menswear
  • Completion Date:January 2014
  • Client: Carlos Nieto
  • Design: Rodrigo Samper & Cía
  • Design Manager: Interior Designer Rodrigo Samper
  • Project Manager: Arch. Liz Rey
  • Design Equipment or Team?: Arch. Olga Fisco
  • Construction: Rodrigo Samper & Cia
  • Construction Manager: Arq. Fredy Correa
  • Resident Architect: Arq. Andrea Montoya
  • Constructed Area (m2): 103 M2
  • Descriptive Memory Credits: Rodrigo Samper & Cia
  • Photo Credits: Andrés Valbuena
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