Equipar Magazine No. 19 / 2014

EK Hotel: The Corporate Venture of Germán Morales e Hijos.

“Ek”, in Sanskrit, means “the one.” Such is the EK Hotel’s interior design, which integrates the urban with the contemporary to achieve a unique atmosphere. The result of a creative process that began hand in hand with the architectural design, the interior design was assigned to the renowned interior designer, Rodrigo Samper, who defines the achieved atmosphere as the expression of “the contemporary that will never lose relevance,” thanks to the blending of all the elements involved in decoration.

“Since I became acquainted with the hotel’s project, which was intended to be a part of Urban Plaza, I thought of the urban theme for the interior decoration. I immediately visualized places, streets, corners, towers, façades, roofs, and balconies of urban Colombia, and I imagined those images in a large format, as the central axis of the hotel’s interior design,” stated Samper.

Designed as a corporate luxury hotel in Bogota, EK Hotel exceeded the expectations of the Preferred Hotels Group, this is why the project was launched under this unique trademark.

Text by Equipar

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