El Nogal Magazine – No. 4 / 2010

Volume 2, Year 1, No. 4
Architecture – pp. 52-53-54-55


In 2007, the Corporación Club El Nogal, launched a tender process for the interior design of five areas of its new building seeking to expand its range of services.

Rodrigo Samper & Cía was selected for the design of three of such areas: the beauty salon, the Spa, and the young people area.

During its planning, work was carried out in conjunction with technicians specialized in air conditioning, hydraulics, and electricity, among others, in order to achieve an impeccable project coordination and the best special and structural results, given the challenge of having to align the levels of the old building with those of the new one.

The new Nogal Club beauty salon comprises 250 m2 that display an attractive, intimate, and modern style all while preserving the timeless elegance that the interior design renders.

The design concept was to express the contemporary by means of spatial simplicity, where warmth is instilled by means of the materials chosen and is enhanced by the lighting accents. The goal was to provide sensory and physical pleasure to users through the comfort, amplitude, and the differentiated zones within the beauty parlor.

The various working areas are architecturally indicated, emphasizing ceiling levels, lighting accents, and furniture so as to differentiate the spaces within the larger open area.

The furniture blends into the walls like an extension and, as a result, both furniture and reception, along with manicure tables and hanging elements, fuse into one same design language within the space.

At the entrance, a light box hangs from the ceiling that functions as the reception wall where customers are warmly greeted. The styling and trimming areas spatially break the horizontality of the space, conveying dynamism to the visual tour.

“The contemporary is expressed through spatial simplicity and by means of the furniture and the colors.” Warmth is also conveyed by means of the wooden veneers, the varied light intensities, and the garden scenery, exclusively created as a background of the interior setting.

The space and furniture were combined with shapes, textures, and natural materials, all with a cosmopolitan trend, so as to ward off the coldness this sort of places may sometimes convey. A warm and contemporary atmosphere is maintained.

The ample circulation areas and the welcoming differentiated zones of the salon enable its attendants to have an appropriate space in which to work and the design of every detail provides the customer with sensory and physical comfort.

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