El Nogal Magazine, New Spa del Club

The infrastructure of this place meets the standards of the best Spas worldwide, and it offers different protocols that favor rest and relaxation.

It has been two years now, since the Club began planning the new area. Besides its architectural design and its complete furnishing with equipment of the latest technology, a series of services were defined, based on the analysis of the Club’s members’ profiles and expectations. The new Spa offers six body and five facial rituals that, besides having permanent updates, seek to cover the need for relaxation, stimulation, and harmony of its users.

The Spa’s main attraction is the “El Nogal Hydrotherapy”, whose features are unique in the country, as it involves the path of sensations, the recreational pool, the revitalizing beds, the micro pulverized water showers, and the swiss shower. Besides all of this, chromo therapy is present in the entire place. This allows for those who enter its installations to exit feeling renovated, both internally and externally, after having received any of services the Spa offers.

To meet the demands of this new concept of urban Spa requires a team of high-level professionals; for this reason, as part of the process, twelve professional aestheticians have been hired to assist our members. They have been trained in biosecurity and in the handling of different rituals, which ensures the quality and uniformity of the processes.

The Spa will be furnished with the most modern aesthetic products from Italian, French, and German houses. Due to this, the team of aestheticians has had, during the past month, several training sessions provided by the suppliers of these products.

It is estimated that the execution of each one of the body rituals will take 80 minutes, the special hydro-circuit, 60 minutes, and the facial rituals will have a duration of 75 minutes. All these features allow the El Nogal Club Spa to be classified as one of the best of its kind, at the level of the best in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Benefits and Characteristics of the Hydro-Circuit

The equipments of the hydro-circuit make the most of the water’s features by stimulating circulation, relaxing muscles, and purifying tissues. The Spa’s trajectory begins with the path of sensations, recommended for tired legs treatment since it stimulates the nervous system, reduces the effects of stress, oxygenizes the legs by reducing the feeling of heaviness and tiredness by means of muscular relaxation. The following stage is the nebulized shower, whose features are its three levels of cold effect micro pulverized water spraying, and which oxygenizes the skin while it activates the entire body’s microcirculation.

On the other hand, the water pressure of the circular shower provides a superficial massage, from feet to head, energizing and activating the circulation. The treatment in shower of sensations combines three waterfalls and a broad range of chromo therapy, which offers a relaxing, stimulating, and balming experience. Finally, the recreational pool has two waterfalls for shoulder massages, swan neck cannons, massages for the cervical and scapular areas, benches for hydro massage of the back part of the legs and the dorsal area, and oxygenating stretchers for the back part of the body.

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