AXXIS Magazine – No. 185 / 2008


In this apartment, each space is inspired in the perfection of the design and in spaces where nothing is lacking and nothing is excessive. The upholstered furniture in the main living-room displays clean and defined forms, and is manufactured in Germany by Cor. The rug is an exclusive design by Paola Lenti.

This room, which is close to the main living-room, displays the artistic wood-work of Teresa Sánchez; it hangs from a ceiling void. The sofa, in ecru, is Italian, upholstered in Ultrasuede. The decorative chenille cushions placed on it are ecru and orange.

Many satisfactions accumulate throughout 35 years of a professional career. However, for the designer Rodrigo Samper, to have been the creator of the design displayed in this three-level apartment, located on Bogota, constituted the greatest of challenges and his most unforgettable creation. With his work team, led by architect José Alejandro Lizarazo, they lasted two years in completing what we now see. This impressive living space, to Samper’s eyes, stood before him as a blank canvas, upon which he unleashed his creativity, both in terms of the layout of space and the mise-en-scène of all the furniture pieces.

His clients were very demanding and had very good taste. They wanted to really feel owners of their home, and for this reason, the purpose of the project went beyond just its decoration and arrangement. “They bought two apartments, which they merged in order to create a new one. Absolutely everything was redesigned. They wanted a large space with very contemporary ambiances,” explains Samper. In fact, one of the largest transformations that make Samper proud is the total refurbishment of the staircase, a sculptural creation, of perfect dimensions, lighting, and materials. Around an impressive central column of corrugated concrete that reaches up, through the three stories of the apartment, each one of the marble veneered steps appears to float in thin air; they are actually anchored on to the wall. The staircase not only has an appropriate system of artificial lighting, but also natural, which flows through a skylight located on the third level and bathes the piece with light. There, on the last floor, are the terrace and the gym.

This enormous space was used to generate contrast between the clean, contemporary, and rectilinear form of the table and the chairs, which are woven in natural fibers. The dining-room displays a 12-seat Cassina dining-table, which consists of two square tables, veneered in a color mocha that make the glass top take the color of coffee. Both tables can be expanded in order to form a 16-seat table. The sliding doors around the dining-room open in a way that the space can be integrated with the kitchen. This apartment’s first level displays an immense main living-room. There, a Teresa Sánchez wood art piece welcomes the guest. It hangs from the ceiling and functions as a dividing wall, separating this area from another sitting area.

In this space, the colors beige and white are stand out and enhance the feeling of tranquility. The very clean and rectilinear furniture completes this view of precise geometric forms, where perfection springs out from every corner. It needs to be noted that, all throughout the apartment, the art pieces constitute an essential element of the design. Although the furniture and some of the accessories are imported, the walls and spaces render honor to Colombian art. Art pieces by Germán Botero, Catalina Mejía, Oscar Danilo Vargas, Aurora Cañero, Hugo Zapata, Isabel Rivera, and Consuelo Gómez are granted a special place in every single space.

Besides the design and the mise-en-scène, the materials and textures in this apartment are surprising. Amazing, for example, is the third-level terrace wall, made of minute river stones, which are coated with very smooth resin tiles. Also to be highlighted is the variety of fabric, leather, and rug designs by Paola Lenti, which enhance the African wengue floor. All of this provides a visual and tactile spectacle that produces the sensation of exclusivity.

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