EK Hotel / Bogota

General Information

  • Type of Service: Interior Design
  • Category: Hotel
  • Address: Kr 90 Cll. 11
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Client: Prominsa S.A.S.
  • Design Manager: Rodrigo Samper
  • Project Manager: Liz Rey
  • Collaborators: Alexandra Rosso, Olga Fisco, Diego Hurtado, Gina Salamanca
  • Intervention Area: 3,750 m2
  • Scope: Interior Design / Architectural Supervision
  • Project Duration: 12 months
  • Completion Date: July 2013

General Project Description

The design concept for this hotel is based on the city; visitors may become familiar with Colombia’s landscape through the 360 photos by Stephan Riedel located in different areas of the hotel. The rooms’ innovative design is eye-catching and the bathroom and closet integrate seamlessly. Chromatic treatment and material specifications are coordinated so as to elicit different atmospheres and perceptions. Predominant natural tones that instill tranquility and a sense of ampleness are balanced with color accents in furniture, wallpaper and glass, according to each space. For the main lobby, we sought to integrate reception, hall, bar, and dining lounge through the circulation areas, creating the sensation of being in one same, large, space inviting customers to engage in different work or leisure activities, be it collectively or individually.

Overall Material

Wall paper by Deco Depot Ltda.; decorative lamps by Bhai Lámparas; furniture by TYG Furniture Ltda.; decorative glass by Ergos; modular carpets by Spazio W; decorative carpets by Mónica de Rhodes; wooden floors by Pisos del Mundo; stainless steel accessories by Studio Inc.; veils and decorative panels by Hechizoo; fabrics by Coordinados; Barrisol by Cubreacril; woodwork by José Caro Ltda.; signposting by Trip Sign.

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