Rodrigo Samper & Cía. Offices

General Information

  • Type of Service: Architecture
  • Category: Offices
  • Address: Calle 88 No. 22A-08
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Client: RS&CIA
  • Design Manager: Rodrigo Samper
  • Project Manager: Julio Villaona
  • Architects: Freddy Giraldo
  • Intervention Area: 150 m2
  • Scope: Design / Construction / Supervision
  • Project Duration: 6 months
  • Completion Date: June 2010

General Project Description

Order, aesthetics, and harmony are the principles embodied in the different compositional elements that characterize RS&CIA’s modus operandi. Above all, we highlight the bond with nature as primary element, seeking the comfort and wellbeing of the office’s occupants. The work environment is refreshing, bathed in natural light, hence constantly changing. Large mirrors surround the internal gardens, exponentially multiplying the perception of amplitude in this indoor oasis. Materials give the space a high tech look that enhances the simplicity of the construction: metallic structure, steel deck, glass, and finishes with color accents that highlight certain elements.

Overall Material

Carpet by Interface / Lighting by Philips and High Lights /Brick by Santafé / Furniture by Multiproyectos / Windows by Gaviria y Borbón / Aluminum frames by Lehner / Decorative veneers by Interna / Landscaping by Rodrigo Samper / Gardening by Portal de las Plantas / Special furniture by Rodrigo Samper.

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