Office of Zebra Technologies Corporation

General Information

  • Type of Service: Interior Design Construction
  • Category: Corporate
  • Address: Calle 93 No 13 – 45
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Client: Zebra Technologies Colombia S.A.S.
  • Design Manager: Rodrigo Samper
  • Project Manager: Paola Vergara
  • Architects: Luis Carlos Lozano / María Fernanda Olaya
  • Intervention Area: 465 m2
  • Scope: Design / Supervision / Construction
  • Project Duration: 3 months
  • Completion Date: October 2015

General Project Description

The objective of the interior design proposal is to gather the work team from two different technology companies in one same space. We start off with the idea of having a central space that may enable integration and in which diverse activities may take place: resting, informal meetings or working group sessions. Likewise, emphasis was placed on the exhibit of technological products in a Demo Room that, along with the waiting and reception areas, may become the main spatial scenario. The interior proposal emphasizes the use of strong colors, such as red, green or yellow, in order to highlight the collaborative spaces. As for the working spaces, neutral colors and wooden textures are maintained so that may contrast with the visible infrastructure of the ceiling.

Overall Material

Modular carpet by Interfloor; woodwork by Newformas; office furniture by Muma; vinyl floors by Proquinal; porcelain floors by Alfa; accessories and porcelain bathroom fittings by Corona; counters in Corian by Dupont.

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