Puerto Peñalisa Social Club

General Information

  • Type of Service: Architecture
  • Category: Corporate
  • Address: Km 5 Vía Girardot
  • Location: Ricaurte, Colombia
  • Client: Corporación Club Puerto Peñalisa
  • Design Manager: Alexandra Rozo
  • Project Manager: Rodrigo Samper
  • Architects: Iván Cruz / María Fernanda Olaya
  • Intervention Area: 3,461.69 m2
  • Scope: Design / Design Supervision
  • Project Duration: 10 months
  • Completion Date: November 2015

General Project Description

This space weaves architecture and nature together to shelter visitors while they enjoy their social activities to the fullest. Vegetation enters organically and in harmony with the club’s urbanistic approach blurring the architectural boundaries and allowing a seamless reading of the exterior with the interior. The project’s water movement evokes the rivers and lakes of its surroundings, imprinting an atmosphere of serenity and comfort, in accordance with the sense of rest that both members and visitors seek to experience. “The architectural intervention respected the bamboo roof (guadua), designed by the architect Simón Vélez, also seeking to enhance its beauty.”

Overall Material

Façade in Tubrise by Hunter Douglas; wall veneers in stone by Esquemamol; mosaics by Tutti Mosaicos; flooring by Alfa; special paints by Corev; formica by Lamitech; bar veeneers by Viancha Miranda and Productos Arquitectónicos; decorative lamps by Vida Útil, 5am and Artesanías de Colombia; lamps on columns of 3rd floor by Bhai.

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