General Information

  • Type of Service: Interior Design
  • Category: Clubs
  • Address: Kr5 No. 78-75, 5th Floor
  • Location: Bogotá, Colombia
  • Client: Corporation Club El Nogal
  • Design Manager: Rodrigo Samper
  • Project Manager: Alexandra Rozo
  • Intervention Area: 600 m2
  • Scope: Design / Site supervision
  • Project Duration: 54 Months
  • Completion Date: March 2012

General Project Description

We created a design that evokes harmony and balance; the basic forms, the space hierarchies, and the simplicity in materials and lighting constitute the platform upon which we set a structure that seeks to enhance sensations while visiting the installations. The Spa displays a play of lighted spaces, shadows and water that mitigate the transitions from one treatment area to the next, always inviting relaxation.

Overall Material

Translucent and opaque Barrisol ceilings, Cubreacril / Flooring in porcelainate and imported vitreous mosaic, Pisos Porcelánicos / Anticated floors and marble counters / Water path stones and stone wall veneers, Attmosferas / Fountain veneers, Auténtico / Stone wall veneers, Attmosferas / 3Form walls and partition panels, Interna / Glass partitions, Siccar / Corian surfaces, Dupont / Taps and faucets, Productos Arquitectónicos / LED lighting, Philips / Imported Spa equipment, El Baño Italiano / Veneers, Formica / Photography, Diego Hurtado / Printings, Graphic.

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